About Eunice B. Gwanmesia

Nationally recognized Worldwide Leader in Healthcare, internationally certified coach, speaker, and author. As a healthcare professional and former university professor, she has navigated cultural changes and challenges for over 20 years. Under the pressure of protest and chaos, she calmly provided healthcare to a white police officer just shot by an African American suspect. She remained an astute professional when called a Jamaican b**ch, while providing care to an angry patient. And, she grew a friendship with the person who advised her that her race and accent were determinants to a job opportunity.

Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia is a captivating, eloquent, and a dynamic speaker with an incredible message. She engages audiences in the workplace and around the world in a conversation about diversity, cultural differences and how to use them to improve organizational performances

Dr. Gwanmesia’s relentless, determined, and purposeful mindset has been shaped by failures experienced in her life. In her book, “Cultural Awareness: A Strategy That Can Influence Your Journey To Success” she shares her personal journey and how cultural awareness played a defining role in her ability to achieve her goals. Also, she cites the 5P Formula as her roadmap to success: Passion, Purpose, Patience, Persistence, & Perseverance
An immigrant from the cornfields of Cameroon, Dr. Gwanmesia, first learned the value of becoming culturally mindful and socially proficient while attending the French-speaking University of Yaoundé. At age 21, she flunked out of university because she refused to step out of her comfort zone and learn a different language.

To help her get on track, her parents sold a portion of their land to send her to Canada for dental school. She mastered dental therapy, but still failed at building her cultural responsiveness. She landed a job she loved and traveled and met different people. It was a great place, except there were too many visible differences and seemingly few internal similarities.

Refusing to open-up and embrace the culture and the people and allowing them to embrace her, she resorted to loneliness and left Canada disheartened and disconnected. The Washington, DC area was her next stop. Surely, she’d love it there. She’d meet people “like” her. Yet, it was there she discovered this: “I wasn’t looking for people like me. I was looking for a place I could call home.” A place where she could embrace the people, culture, and values regardless of any differences. Delaware became home.

It wasn’t long after her transformation that being culturally aware and sensitive was tested. While talking to a stranger about applying for a job at a hospital she was told, “I wouldn’t bother applying there, they are racist and won’t offer you a position. Plus, you’re an immigrant with a heavy accent and a black woman.” The valuable lessons learned on her journey to Delaware gave her a different perspective and response. The hospital couldn’t possibly assume a person wasn’t qualified because of their ethnic background or gender, could they? She owed it to herself to find out for herself.

The organization loved her, and she loved the organization. Together, for 15 years they learned the value of patient and internal customer satisfaction through cultural awareness. The organization even gave her the opportunity to further her education. and paid for her to earn her bachelors and master’s degrees.

She attended Delaware State University and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in nursing. After gaining valuable nursing experience in the intensive care unit, Dr. Gwanmesia enrolled in two master’s programs at Wilmington university and later obtained a Master of Science in nursing leadership and Master of Science in healthcare administration in two years. She ultimately obtained a PhD in nursing from the university of Phoenix.

Believing that failure is a gateway to success, despite failing out of the university she pursued her dream of becoming a teacher like her father at an institution of higher learning in Delaware. Her classroom has been described as “A World of Practice” which brings theory, research, practice, and policy to a central core place in the student’s critical thinking and problem-solving behaviors. In this model Dr. Gwanmesia integrates cultural and clinical examples and helps the students to relate content to their own life and contextual experiences.

After leaving teaching, she founded Dr. Eunice Consulting LLC. Her vision is to maximize corporate and organizational team performances and increase overall employee engagement and satisfaction by increasing cultural awareness and the power of diversity and inclusion.

When Dr. Gwanmesia is not working as a nurse, coaching, or speaking, she is volunteering. She is the Chair of the Culture and Education Committee of the Delaware Africa Carribean Coalition, Advisory Board member of the Fed Fed Delaware Foundation, Board member and cultural consultant of the Project Give Hope Not-For-Profit Organization. She also serves on the Advisory Board of the Middletown 10th District Multicultural Coalition. She is a former Board member of the Nemours Health Equity Consortium, former member of the Health Equity Systems Committee of the Delaware Healthy Mother & Infant Consortium, and former judge for the Delaware Department of Education Health Occupations Students of America statewide competition. Dr. Gwanmesia also founded the annual celebration of cultural heritage at Delaware State University.

Dr Gwanmesia has received many awards including: Spirit of Nursing Award by the U.S. Army Nurse Corps in 1998. On February 10, 2008 she received nomination as Faculty Member of the Year from nursing students at Delaware State university. In 2012, she was inducted into the Institute of Excellence of the National Black Nurses Association. On October 29, 2018, she was recognized as a Worldwide Leader in Healthcare and Top Nurse in Delaware by the International Nurses Association.

Dr Gwanmesia is a graduate of the National Black Nurses Association leadership institute. She has earned a certificate of completion as a certified professional coach from Atiras International Coaching Academy. Despite all her accomplishments, her most cherished degree is being a mother of two beautiful children Keith and Kaitlin Gwanmesia.


To maximize corporate and organizational team performances, increase retention, and improve internal and external customer relations and overall employee engagement and satisfaction by increasing cultural awareness and the power of diversity and inclusion.


To provide a fresh perspective on cultural awareness that gives leaders and employees the tools they need to expand their capacity to achieve success together, using my 5 P Success Formula: Purpose, Passion, Patience, Persistence and Perseverance.


To Create synergistic relationships that unleash students/employee potential giving companies and organizations a global competitive advantage.



Dr. Gwanmesia believes that:

  • Every human can become successful if they stay focused and work hard on their God given talents.
  • Every human has something unique and magical about them because that is how God created each of us.
  • Every human is in full control of their destiny and to bring real change in your life, it must begin with you.
  • Human and cultural differences are superficial, man-made, easily overcome and  with time, understanding, and effort, they can be overcome almost as if they were never there at all.