Pastor Josephine GbassageePearls and Swine

We, at Pearls and Swine would like to extend to you, Dr. Eunice our sincerest gratitude. Your presentation was both, riveting and empowering. 

Through your dynamic teaching we learned to drop our baggage, embrace our identities, and culture, and pursue our God-given dreams and visions. 

With absolute confidence, we recommend Dr. Eunice as a voice that is helping shape lives and organizations for the better.


Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia is an unforgettable speaker and event facilitator. Her message on Diversity and Inclusion, and her 5 Principles of Success should be incorporated in every organization. I particularly recommend her curriculum for high schools and colleges, to ensure that these students are effectively groomed for future leadership positions, success and distinguished citizens of society. 

I hired Dr. Gwanmesia as a speaker for WILDE's  "Take A Stand" workshop involving community leaders, legislators and citizens of the community where she spoke on the importance of making a positive change through acceptance of everyone's origin and cultural believes. She also spoke on the Panel of "Memoirs of a Working Mother" book launch, where she shared her principles on work-life balance. I recently invited Dr. Gwanmesia back to co-host the "Women's Wellness and Business Conference", a platform for women to come together and gain tools and strategies needed to thrive physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. She kept the audience engaged, entertained and kept the momentum going throughout the 9-hour event. 

I am not surprised that Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia remains a highly sought-after speaker. Her positive and energetic stance on stage is contagious.  I recommend her curriculum for your organization's growth and you will not regret inviting her to speak or facilitate your next event.